How do intermittent fasting boost health

Though there are various fad diets that are available intermittent fasting is now getting more attention. Intermittent fasting is nothing but a time period for which one doesn’t eat anything. Though few studies have explained that this diet is beneficial the exact health benefits are not that clear. Certain researchers have studied the influence of fasting over circadian rhythms in skeletal muscles and liver. For most of the animals fasting is a natural phenomenon as they might not be able to find food sometimes. So, in such cases the body will allow certain metabolic changes to adapt to the situation. 

When there are very low glucose levels, liver will start creating ketones from fatty acids that can provide energy in emergency conditions. During a study wherein two groups of mice were considered and one group was introduced to intermittent fasting while the second group to eat as and when they liked. Both groups were able to consume the same amounts of calories and fats. But even after consuming equal calories of food and fat, the mice which were in fasting groups didn’t develop any kind of metabolic disorders like the other group. Scientists also say that when clear and definite cycles are followed it leads to good health. 

In a recent study the mice were made to follow a 24-hour fasting period and they had measures different physiological functions. It has been observed that while fasting mice used very less amounts of energy and oxygen. But as soon as they ate, the gene driven physiological changes got reversed just like in the case of humans. When fasting is carried out it can also influence circadian clock along with fasting driven cellular response. Both can help you achieve the temporal gene regulation. Scientists also said that it also influenced various tissues at different degrees. Skeletal muscle was seen to be more responsive for fasting than liver. 

With fasting gene changes keep occurring and scientists are now working on various experiments to prove how it actually works and affects. There are different benefits which one can enjoy when they follow fasting. Through fasting one can reprogram various cellular responses. In order to get positive affect cellular function and various health benefits while protecting yourself from aging related diseases always follow optimal fasting timely. Disrupting circadian rhythms will increase risk of various metabolic disorders and obesity.